Roofing products supplied by Central Roofing Supplies.

Stramit Monoclad®

Stramit Monoclad® cladding combines economy and practicality with modern design to produce a lightweight attractive roof and wall profile. The deep ribs provide excellent spanning and high water carrying capacity. The minimum roof pitch of 2° allows for a diverse range of design options.

Stramit K-Panel®

Stramit K-Panel cladding is a low-cost, easy fix cladding with a broad 864mm cover and low rib height, making it ideal for garage doors, soffit lining, fascia and other cladding applications.

Not suitable for roofing.

Maximum recommended length 6m

Stramit® Corrugated

Stramit® Corrugated is a traditional profile available in a range of colours. With wide cover for quick installation and easy handling, plus a minimum 5° pitch, Stramit® Corrugated sheeting suits traditional and contemporary roof designs.

Stramit Longspan®

Stramit Longspan® cladding is a good looking, long spanning high strength conventional pierce-fixed roof and wall sheet. Minimum roof pitch of 1.5° saves on supporting structure and provides design flexibility.

Stramit Speed Deck® 500

Stramit Speed Deck® 500 decking is a wide cover, concealed fix roof deck which provides for a smart appearance together with positive securing under all weather conditions. Quick installations, bold rib design and a minimum pitch of 1° ensure Stramit Speed Deck® decking remains popular and versatile.

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